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Call me optimistic ...

... I believe in Life.

Tadhg MacEibhir
28 February
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I get a Strange Magic ...

... sweet dream, sweet dream.

The third of the four children born to Ruairí MacEibhir (sonofgranite) and his deceased wife Máire NiStandún MacEibhir, Tadhg is a púca, an Irish faerie who can turn into a horse. He is the most connected of his siblings to his fey heritage, having spent more than three decades traveling Faerie and its border lands. He is both artist and mage, crafting spells, paintings and jewelry from his home and studio in Santa Barbara, which he shares with a variable menagerie of animals. Tadhg often comes across as being a little disconnected from the here and now, though that's mainly the product of his seeing the world differently than a mortal human, and even rather differently from his brothers and sister. When something catches his attention, however, his focus is absolute and can be disconcerting.

Tadhg of course looks considerably younger than his nearly eleven decades. His eyes are the eyes of his family, with deep brown irises that extend well beyond his pupils to leave only dots of white at each corner. But he often uses a small glamour (illusion spell) to make them look normal. His voice is a soft baritone with a mellow Irish brogue.


This journal is for writing and roleplaying purposes only. I do not in any way claim to be an Irish horse fey, and neither Tadhg nor I make any claims to be Alex O'Loughlin, whose image we've borrowed just a tiny bit. Tadhg comes from the novel The Grey Horse, by R.A. MacAvoy, though I have elaborated considerably on his rather minute appearance in that book. No profit is being made and no disrespect nor harm is intended. His siblings can be found at thehorseman, fey_fire and a_chaitlin.

And Tadhg MacEibhir is pronounced Tieg MacEever, just so you know. ;)

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